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Height 12"
Length 48"
Weight 320 lbs.
Width 22"

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Quick to set up and easy to use, the Pow-r Mole makes the sometimes difficult job of boring a road effortless, even in the hardest of soils. The compact size, light weight and power of the "PD-4" are the features that companies find most appealing. It easily fits into the back of a pickup truck and only requires four feet of space to set up.


* Overall: Dimensions: 22"w x 12"h - 48"
* Weight: with standard brace kit: 320#

Even though our state-of-the-art steering heads are great, they are not required for most applications. Steering the rods is a boon for line and grade applications, such as sewer lateral installations, or those occasional three hundred foot pushes, but most of the time it just slows down the operation. Correcting a misguided bore by using a Pow-r Mole Repositioning Head is quicker, easier and cheaper than trying to "steer" the rods across the road.

No water or bentonite is needed with a Pow-r Mole. It is great for cold weather applications or residential areas where a gray, slimy slurry pond would irritate the neighborhood. The only thing worse than wasting valuable time with an outdated boring tool is trying to get parts for it. At Pow-r Mole you won't hear "I'm sorry, we don't stock that part, it could be a while before we can get one." All parts are kept on stock for immediate shipment.

A Pow-r Mole Pipe Pusher is like a certain pink rabbit, it just keeps going and going and going.

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