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    PowerFlow HDD
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Additional Info

-John Deere Tier 3 250kw Genset
-Fully enclosed in sound dampening case
-Onboard 275 gallon certified diesel fuel tank

Onboard Pumps:
-(1) 5x6x11 60hp pump Runs (3) 10” desanding cones
-(1) 5x6x11 50hp pump Runs (16) 5” desilting cones
-(1) 5x6x14 40hp pump Runs surcharge and mixing

Supply Tanks:
-(3) 4.5hp submersible directional agitators
-(3) 8x12 cleanouts

-(1) 220 volt hydraulic lifting legs

-52.5’ overall length

Cleaning System:
-(1) 4” high shear mud mixer
-(4) 75”x49.5” 3-panel shakers (4 x 25.75sq/ft) using pretensioned
screens capable of 8g’s of force, Adjustable from 0-6 degrees

Additional Features:
-(1) 110 volt onboard air compressor routed to (2) air fill stations
-(1) fold down catwalk with full pipe railing system
-(1) 12.5hp mud pit pump
-Two electrical points front and rear for pit pumps
-(1) 3000 psi cat pressure washer w/ 100 feet of hose
-100 gallon fresh water tank for cleaning
-50 foot remote box Controls entire recycling system
-(1) 120 volt & (1) 220 volt plugs for auxiliary power
-Winterization packages available.

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