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    10,001 - 20,000 lbs pullback

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Max Spindle Torque 2200 ft-lb 2982.8 Nm
Weight 59 lbs 26.8 kg
Pullback 20,000 lbs 9,071.8 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 25 gal 94.64 L
Entry Angle 12-16 deg
Max Flow 25 gpm 94.6 Lpm
Max Carriage Speed @ max engine RPM: 150 ft/min 45.7 m/min
Rod Carrying Capacity 360 ft 109.7 m
Max Spindle Speed @ max engine RPM: 200 rpm
Joint Diameter 2.125 in 5.4 cm
Max Pressure 750 psi 51.71 bar
Fluid Tank On Board Tank Capacity: 60 gal On Board Tank Capacity: 227.12 L
Min Bore Diameter 3.5ft 9 cm
Pipe Diameter 2.06 in 5.2 cm
Width (fixed tracks): 48 in (Fixed tracks)122 cm
Length 10 ft 3 m
Rod Loader Automated Rod Loader: Yes - standard
Weight with 400 ft. rod: 11,160lbs 5062.09 kg
Manufacturer's Gross HP Rating 85 hp
Make and Model Cat 3054
Thrust (actual): 20,000 lb 9072 kg
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 23.5 gal 88.96 L
Ground Drive Speed @ max engine RPM: 2.5 mph 4.02 km/h
Max Speed 2544 rpm 63.38 kw
Min Bend Radius 101.9 ft 31.1 m
Length 205 in 521 cm
Type Firestick I
Height 90 in 229 cm

Additional Info

Maximum Length: 205" (521 cm)
Height: 90" (229 cm)
Width (fixed tracks): 48" (122 cm)
Weight with 400 ft. rod: 11,160lbs (5062.09 kg)

Make and Model: Cat 3054
Maximum Engine RPM: 2544 rpm
HP Gross: 85 hp (63.38 kw)
HP Net: 78 hp (58.16 kw)

Max. Spindle Torque in Low @ max engine RPM: 2,200 ft-lb (2,982.8 Nm)
Max. Spindle Torque in High @ max engine RPM: 1,400 ft-lb (1,898.15 Nm)
Pullback: 20,000 lbs (9,071.8 kg)
Maximum Spindle Speed @ max engine RPM: 200 rpm
Minimum Bore Diameter: 3.5" (9 cm)
Maximum Ground Drive Speed @ max engine RPM: 2.5 mph (4.02 km/h)
Maximum Carriage Speed @ max engine RPM: 150 ft/min (45.7 m/min)
Drill Rack Angle: 12-16 deg
Automated Rod Loader: Yes - standard
Maximum Spindle Torque: 2200 ft-lb (2982.8 Nm)

Fuel Tank: 25 gal (94.64 L)
Engine crankcase with Filter: 9 qt (9 L)
Hydraulic Tank: 23.5 gal (88.96 L)

Maximum Flow: 25 gpm (94.6 Lpm)
Maximum Pressure: 750 psi (51.71 bar)
On Board Tank Capacity: 60 gal (227.12 L)

Type: Firestick I
Length: 10' (3 m)
Joint Diameter: 2.125" (5.4 cm)
Pipe Diameter: 2.06" (5.2 cm)
Weight: 59 lbs (26.8 kg)
Minimum Bend Radius: 101.9' (31.1 m)
Rod Carrying Capacity: 360' (109.7 m)

Breakout System: Hydraulic Vise
Stationary Stakedown System: 4 or 6" (10 or 15 cm)

Feature: Compact Size
Benefit: The D20x22 is the only drill on the market that provides 85 hp (63 Kw) in a 48-inch (122 cm) wide machine. Its small size allows it to be used in congested areas where other machines cannot be used. The D20x22 can be trailered side by side with the MX125 drilling fluid system, allowing the use of smaller support equipment.

Feature: Rack and pinion thrust drive
Benefit: The narrow rack and pinion thrust drive design utilizes replaceable gear track sections. If damage occurs to a track section, an operator unbolts the section and replaces it. Some competing manufacturers weld the gear track to the rack.

Feature: Two-Speed Rotational Operations
Benefit: The two-speed rotational operations allow the operator to choose a high RPM to do the pilot bore, and then select a high torque for the pullback.

Feature: 60-Gallon (227 L) On-Board Water Tank
Benefit: A 60-gallon (227 L) on-board water tank provides clean water supply for easy clean-up and can supply ample drilling fluid for smaller jobs.

Feature: 2200 ft-lb (2983 Nm) of torque
Benefit: With 2200 ft-lb (2983 Nm) of torque, the D20x22 has enough power to turn cutting tools in demanding soil conditions and longer distance bores. The D20x22 has enough torque to accomodate larger backreamers than other machines in this HDD class.

Feature: Pullback
Benefit: The D20x22 has 20,000 lb (9072 kg) of pullback for longer, heavier product.

Feature: Operator's Station
Benefit: Elevated operator's station with swing-open design offers the operator comfort and a clear forward view of the drilling operation. Thrust/pullback, rotation and water-pressure gauges are conveniently located to the right side of the operator for simple reference during boring operations. Operator's presence switch located in the operator's seat stops thrust/pullback and rotational functions when the operator leaves the seat. The strike alert system located at the operator's station warns the operator of an electrical strike.

Feature: Simplified Electrical System
Benefit: By implementing a CAN Bus electrical system, approximately 20 percent of the wiring is eliminated. CAN Bus systems have been used for years in the airline industry and on construction equipment, such as excavators.

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