2011 American Augers DD-1100RS

Overseas American Augers Maxi Rig Directional Drill! 3,420 hours.


General Description:
2011 American Auger DD1100RS Maxi Rig Directional Drill:
-AA 1100 RS (rapid setup)
-3,420 hours
-Twin CAT C18 Powerpacks Fully Silence
-Fully Air-Conditioned 20 foot Drillers Cabin (double the size of the standard drill cabin)

Seller States: Excellent condition, meticulously maintained with full-service records.

NOT INCLUDED - Seller does have other accessories available for this machine including:

-Drill Pipe
-Mud Pumps
-Recycling Systems
-Machine Spare Parts

The sale of these items can be negotiated separately.

Additional Information:
Seller States:
-Seller is the original owner of this machine and notes it as one of the most reliable machines they have ever owned (having only ever experienced two days down time since they bought it).
-Unfortunately sellers company is no longer winning the work for this size rig, so it's time to move it on.
-The rig is currently located near a shipping port.
-As far as inspection goes the seller is happy to have on-site inspection in person or they can arrange a real time virtual inspection over the Internet for interested parties.

Power Train: Power Pack x 2
Engine: Caterpillar C-18 Tier III Diesel Engine
Rating: 765 HP (570 kw )
Fuel Capacity: 650 U.S. Gallons (2,460 L)
Hydraulic Capacity: 220 U.S. Gallons (833 L)
Hydraulic Filter: High Pressure Filtration Return to 6 Micron ABS
Battery: Two, Deka 908DMF, 24 V, 1450 CCA

Auxiliary Power Unit with 9.9 hp Hatz 1B40 Diesel Engine for rig set up.

PROCESSOR CONTROLS: Sauer Danfoss Micor Processor Controls with Touch Screen Data Acquisition with 17 inputs.

Carriage System: Rack & Pinion, (6) Pinion and Gear with Adjustable Force Limiter
Maximum Thrust/Pullback: 1,100,000 foot-pounds (500 ton)
Maximum Carriage Speed: 105 feet (32 m)/minute
Carriage Motor: Six, Radial Piston. Dual Displacement
Carriage Brakes: Six
Carriage Gearbox: Six
Hydraulic Pump: Two, Piston Pump, Closed Loop

Rotary System: (4) Pinion and Gear Drive with Infinitely Variable Torque
Maximum Rotary Torque: 100,000 ft-lbs (136,000 Nm) @ 0-31 RPM
Minimum Rotary Torque: 40,000 ft-lbs (54,000 Nm) @ 0-75 RPM
Maximum Rotary Speed: 75 RPM
Rotary Motor: Four, 160cc, Axial Piston, Variable Displacement
Rotary Brakes: Four, Spring Applied/Hydraulic Release
Fluid Course: 4" (102mm) for increased down hole hydraulic power
Mud Flow Rate: Permits up to 1,000 U.S. gallons (3,785 L)/minute
Maximum Mud Pressure: 1,500 psi (103 bar)
Hydraulic Pump: Two, Piston Pump, Closed Loop
Auxiliary Pump: One, Piston Pump, 74cc, Left Hand, Pressure Compensated
Slip Spindle: 8-5/8" Pin
Mud Swivel: Rear Mounted, 5-1/2" F.L.H. Down Hole x 6
Other Features: Digital Tachometer, Adjustable Torque Limiter

Quick Set Up Configuration
Drill Angle: 10°- 18°
Drill Pipe: Range Two, 11 - 34 foot (10.4m)
Pipe Support Cylinder: 2 Bore x 12" Stroke
Guide Bushing Cylinder: 4" Bore x 8" Stroke
Mounting: Thrust Frame mounted to Tri-Axle suspension base

Maximum Breakout Torque: 230,000 ft-lbs (312,000 Nm)
Maximum Makeup Torque: 100,183 ft-lbs (138,252 Nm)
Clamp/Grip Range: 3-1/2" - 10-1/2" (89 - 267 mm) OD
Wrench System: Triple Jaw Wrenches with 12" (305mm) separation
Clamp Cylinder: 8" Bore x 3" Stoke for 226,000 lbs of Clamping Force
Top Clamp Movement Cylinder: 2 Bore x 12" Stroke
Wrench Travel: Wrench can travel full length of the Thrust Frame
Hydraulic Breakout/Makeup Cylinder: 6" Bore x 16" Stroke
Wrench Separation Cylinder: 4" Bore x 12" Stroke
Wrench Motor: Two, Hydraulic, LHST 12.5 CIR, 6B SPL
Wrench Brake: One. Spring Applied, Hydraulic Release
Pivoting Hook Pads: Ability to remove the wrench without tools or bolts

Maximum Length: 64 feet (19.5m)
Maximum Height:
-Working: 19 feet (5.79m)
-Transport: 10 ft 6 inches (3.04 m)
Maximum Width: 8.2 ft (2.5 m)

Single Power Pack Dimensions:
Maximum Length: 19 ft 8 in (6.03 m)
Maximum Width: 8 ft (2.43 m)
Maximum Height: 9 ft 5 in (2.90 m)

Estimated Transport Weights:
Total Weight: 95,000 lbs (43,100 kg)
Total Weight without Wrenches: 87,200 lbs (39,600 kg)

Single Power Pack Weight:
Total Weight: 33,000 lbs (14,968 kg)

-Semi-Automatic Rod Loading Arms
-Top and Bottom Wrench Assembly
-Free standing operator's console with pressure gauges
-Es!lok Entry/Exit Side lockout, 1 mile range (1.6KM)
-Safety system package with Zap-A-Lert
-Wiggle Steer
-Operators Manual and other unit support materials

For additional information, see the American Augers DD1100RS Operators Manual and Equipment Brochures in the files section.

This equipment is located in Oceania. If you are an overseas client and you would like to see if this equipment would be cost effective to have shipped to your country, please contact our office and we will provide you a free shipping quote.

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